Mesh sheet (FD1000)

This accessory for your EZIDRI FD1000 ULTRA is used for small produce such as peas, herbs and flowers and where produce tends to stick to the tray, like bananas, tomatoes and beef jerky, as the mesh sheet is pliable.

In stock (>20 pcs)
Category: Mesh sheets
Warranty: 2 years
Diameter: 34,7 cm
Modell: FD1000 ULTRA
Pieces: 1 piece

The versatile EZIDRI dehydrators can be used to dry a wide range of foods - from ordinary fruits and vegetables, through mushrooms, meat, healthy treats to small and delicate ingredients such as herbs and tea.

Mesh sheets are mainly used for drying finer types of fruit (e.g. small berries), as well as for drying herbs, tea leaves and similar raw materials. Mesh sheets for EZIDRI ULTRA FD1000 model have a diameter of 34.7 cm and you can use up to 30 of them at once without losing the quality of drying. The mesh sheets are made of high quality and BPA free material.

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