Tray (FD1000)

Extend your EZIDRI FD1000 ULTRA dehydrator with additional trays and boost drying capacity of your EZIDRI dehydrator.

In stock (>20 pcs)
Category: Trays
Warranty: 2 years
Diameter: 38,7 cm
Modell: FD1000 ULTRA
Pieces: 1 piece

One of the biggest benefits of the EZIDRI dehydrators consists in equipping it with additional trays, maintaining the drying quality. The capacity of the model EZIDRI ULTRA FD1000 can be expanded from five trays to a total of thirty trays.

Thanks to additonal trays, you can turn your EZIDRI FD1000 ULTRA dehydrator into a truly professional drying machine. An additional tray has a diameter of 38.7 cm. Just simply place the new tray on the existing ones and start drying. The patented air circulation distribution, together with the powerful thermostat, ensures that the drying quality is maintained in all trays.

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